Fruit Mixer, USB Portable Blender 350ML Safety Tritan 2000mAh


Everyone knows that life can be difficult on occasion. Sometimes it's even hard to find the time to grab something to eat or drink! Now you can use the Portable Juice Blender Bottle to make easy, delicious and fresh smoothies, shakes and juices while you're on the go. Simply add your fruit, press the switch and it will automatically blend, stir and mix. This Portable Juice Blender Bottle is perfect for people on the move.


350-400ml capacity
Effortlessly pulverize fruits, vegetables into amazing smoothies
Easy to use
Portable design
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WARRANTY, We guarantee this product to be free from defects in materials and workmanship 90 days from the date of purchase. Limitations apply.

1. Wash the fruit and cut it into small pieces about 15x15mm. (For fruit with stone, hard material, thick skin or hard shell, remove it first)
2. Put in fruit, about 60% of the cup body, add 20% water or milk, make the total amount about 80% of the cup body capacity.
3. Tighten the cup cap, invert the cup body, start the switch, etc. after the motor rotates, put it in position. When working, shake the juice cup gently, the effect of juicing is better.
4. After the juicing is finished, turn off the power switch and unscrew the cup cap for drinking. If there is too much fruit residue, please use filter before drinking.

Product size: 9.21*3.08*3.08"
Cup volume: 350mL
Product weight: 438g
Cup cover material: food grade PP
Blade Material: Stainless Steel 304
Working Voltage: 3.7V
Battery capacity: 2000mAh
Frequency of juicing: 30S each time, 15 times can be squeezed.

This product is a special fresh juice press. It can not grind nuts or legumes directly. Direct grinding will affect the life of the product.

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