Ozone Generator 500Mg / H , for Water Sterilizer Fruits Vegetables Ozonator

At certain concentrations, the ozone can quickly kill a variety of harmful bacteria in water and air. Our ozone is designed for ozone disinfection and air purification, very practical and effective, perfectly suitable for daily use.

Designed for ozone disinfection and air purification.
Eliminates bad odors and harmful gases such as formaldehyde; Remove odor and smoke in the air when preparing foods such as garlic and fish.
Very useful for fruit and vegetables that maintains freshness, prolonging the storage time of fruit and vegetables in refrigerators and coolers.
Dissolve and eliminate pesticide residues and chemicals on the surface of fruit and vegetables; Kill the bac-teria on the surface of fruit and vegetables.
Ozone disinfection support for dish washing and water treatment.
Supports automatic timing function. The start and shutdown times can be set and the machine can automatically work on the set time.
Designed with digital screen for more convenient operation.

Technical specifications:
Material: ABS
Silver colour
Power: 18 W.
Input voltage: AC220V / 50Hz
Ozone output: 500mg / h
Item size: ca. 240 * 160 * 55mm / 9.45 * 6.30 * 2.16 inches
Package size: 300 * 240 * 130mm / 11.81 * 9.45 * 5.12in
Package weight: 1235g / 2.72lb

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